Loan solutions for your apartment work

Performing work in your apartment can provide more comfort or simply a more modern living space. Whether it is for important works like the heating system or more simply to redecorate the decoration of your living room, you will have to think about their realization, but also how you will finance them.


Whether it is to install an incorporated kitchen, redo the plumbing or electricity, or redo the decoration of the living room and bedrooms, each of these works is different.

A. Kitchen

The kitchen is an important room that often brings the family together around a meal. Cooking is often pleasure or even a passion for many people, and opting for an equipped kitchen can prove to be a simple and wise choice.

Many kitchen designers offer their kitchen models ready to install. You can install it yourself, or have a professional install it for you. Do not hesitate to compare them in order to put them in competition, and thus be able to negotiate the price.

And make sure that the furniture you ordered fits well with the dimensions of your kitchen. This will save you from having to carry out touch-ups after setting up your fitted kitchen.

If your kitchen requires only a little refreshment, you can carry out its work yourself, at a lower cost. For example, you can repaint the doors of your closets, and change the handles.

You can also change the credenza, and your work plan, by adopting a new material (tiles, laminate, marble).

B. Living room

The living room is often the main living room of an apartment. We must not neglect this room, and in particular its decoration, in order to feel good there.

Although the work on this piece is often limited to decoration, it should not be neglected. Whether it is to renew the floor or repaint the walls and ceiling, these works can take time. Doing work to redo the living room is a great way to give your apartment a facelift.

C. Rooms

Whether it is your bedroom or that of your children, doing work in this room dedicated to rest can prove to be beneficial for your well-being and relaxation.

This is especially true in terms of the colors of the bedroom walls and the material used on the floor. A painting or a tapestry in light tones will promote rest.

A carpeted floor will be warmer and softer but will be harder to maintain. Prefer then a floor with parquet, covered with one or more rugs to bring more comfort.

D. Bathrooms

The bathroom is a central part of an apartment. Whether it is to install a new shower, a bathtub, or to change the tiles and tiles, the work can be quite heavy. Take the time to choose your future bathroom by asking craftsmen for quotes.

If you prefer to do the work yourself, pay particular attention to the plumbing and seals which are the most sensitive points to the water. Do not hesitate to ask your friends and family for advice around you if they have some experience in this area.

E. The big jobs

• Heating

You may have to do heavier work for your apartment. If you do not have a collective heating system, the repair or change of your boiler will be at your expense.

If you heat your home with electric heaters, replacing them may seem expensive and complicated at first, but the new models consume less energy and are therefore more economical.

Carrying out such work can, therefore, prove profitable in the long term, even if the investment is significant at the start.

• The dividers

Your apartment is made up of load-bearing walls and dividing walls. These can be changed as desired, so you can increase the size of a room, and create a new one by dividing the available space differently.

Although this work is not the easiest to do, changing the layout of the rooms in your apartment is a great way to adapt it to your use. For example, the installation of a home workspace.

• Plumbing and electricity

Water and electricity are two essential elements in an apartment. For simple repairs, or to bring your installation up to standard, it may be worthwhile to carry them out at the same time.

In fact, plumbing or electrical work both require work on walls and floors in order to reach pipes or cables.

Carrying out both at the same time, therefore, presents a certain practical interest. The cost of such work can be significant, take the time to establish a provisional budget and to study a financing solution.



The more important the work, the more you will need to plan in advance their costs and the way used to finance them.

A. Using your savings

A. Using your savings

Saving money and saving it is a good investment strategy. However, the rate of the work credit is low enough to carry out the work in his apartment, while retaining his savings.

It is always useful to have a sum placed, but available immediately, in the event of an unexpected problem.

B. The works credit


Taking out a work loan is a good solution to finance the work in your apartment. This type of loan makes it possible to carry out the work without waiting, even if the amount to be advanced is significant.

Indeed, with a quick release of funds, you can get started in their realization without waiting, and thus quickly enjoy your renovated apartment.

In addition, the loan repayment can be spread over several years. You can also define the amount of the monthly payments, in order to preserve your purchasing power throughout the repayment.

This solution is to be preferred for all those who wish to carry out the works quickly and who are looking for more flexibility in their financing. This mainly concerns a request for early repayment.

C. Zero rate eco loan

This appropriation is very specific since it only relates to “work to improve energy performance”. The works that can be financed through the zero-rate eco-loan, therefore, concern thermal insulation (walls, roof, windows) but also the heating system or the water heater as long as the new system uses renewable energies.

In addition, to benefit from this, the work must be done in an old-style apartment, and it must be your main residence.

In addition, the work must be carried out by an approved “RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment)” professional.

The credit may not exceed the sum of $ 30,000 and the amortization period of this credit may not exceed 10 years (15 years for certain specific works).

If you would like to know more about how to obtain this type of credit, you can consult our special file on the conditions for obtaining a loan at zero rates.

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