Smart Home – the intelligent house makes building loans more expensive

In the past 20 years, a lot has changed when it comes to building a house. This applies, for example, to energy standards that have increasingly come into focus in the past.

But other aspects – such as home automation – are also becoming more important. The latter is referred to as a smart home. Its core is a strong networking of the individual components. This increases living comfort for the property owner. At the same time, Smart Home can also be used to control consumption.

Smart home is a trend of the future. The stronger networking of home electronics has not only started, it is increasingly finding more followers.

Think of smart homes when building a new one

Think of smart homes when building a new one

How far does automation go with the smart home concept? Homeowners can use it to control heating or light at the push of a button, for example. If you want to go further, simply integrate home and entertainment electronics into the concept.

Smart Home allows even more control and automation if it is integrated into the home supply via intelligent meters. The examples show that home automation can be scaled to different extents today. What is the best way to use the smart home concept?

Basically, different implementation methods are available for the “intelligent house” today – namely:

  • via cable-based BUS systems
  • through cable-based IT networks
  • through radio systems.

The first two variants require renovations in existing properties and are therefore ideal for integration into a new construction project. But: Depending on the degree of automation, the costs quickly reach several thousand euros, which has to be taken into account with the building loan.

Radio systems are more uncomplicated, which can also be implemented retrospectively and therefore have no effect on the building loan. But: There are certain limits to this variant when it comes to expanding automation.

Tips for the smart home

Tips for the smart home

In view of the new appearance, there is still the question of what to look for in relation to the smart home.

In general, you have to rethink why you want to use automation. At the same time, it should be taken into account how much life situations are still changing.

Where, for example, space usage can vary or if, for example, a subsequent expansion of the unused attic is considered, open systems are to be preferred in any case. This is the only way to implement changed usage habits with Smart Home.

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